Your Questions Answered

Why Milk and Beans?

It’s slang for Milton Keynes, apparently - not that we’ve ever heard anyone use it.

How to add a listing?

Adding a listing is easy, use the button in the top right of the screen, select a either the free, supporter or franchise type, follow any prompt if you are making a donation and then fill out the template and submit the listing for review. We get a notification and authorise the entries, (checking it meets the Code of conduct, keep it clean) once it’s ok, it the listing is posted on the site. Please allow up to 24hours.

What the difference between the ‘free’, ‘supporter’ and ‘featured’ listings?

Not much. We’ve deliberately made the listing types as comprehensive as possible so that all users can get the most out of them. You do get a badge for your profile thanking you for making a ‘supporter’ donation. You can use this to show off your credentials of community focus and that you’re slightly more awesome. Featured listings give you a prime position on the homepage and the option to write a blog for the site if that’s of interest. Making a more significant donation allows you to get a featured listing on the site.

How does my donation get to the charity?

At the end of each month (the last Friday) we verify the supporter and featured listings together with the charity, show them the analytics from the site and transfer the total from the sites account into theirs via the gofundme page they use.

How long does my listing last?

Currently, the listings last a year - If the directory is still useful to its users, we’ll contact people and ask if they’d like us to keep the site running. If they do, we’ll likely ask users to make another donation. Supporting the charity and contributing to the running costs.

How do I get my listing higher in searches?

Easy, make a more substantial donation to the charity via the featured listing button on your profile. The current featured listing price for the first 3 of up to 6 spots on the homepage is £150. This figure will go up to £350 once those spots get filled and last one month at a time. Your listing will also need to be complete, in line with our code of conduct and complete to a suitable standard - no low rez logos etc.